nude beach unwritten rules

Before you go to a nude beach there’s several thing to keep in mind. These beaches are for relaxation only and you have to behave in the appropriate way. Here are some tips before you do to a nude beach.

No Cameras

You can’t take camera to a nude beach even if you just plan to take picture of the beach itself or the sand. People of the beach don’s want to be photographed, even just accidentally.  You need to leave your camera at home or back in your hotel and don’t bring it with you. If you do take a camera you must get consent from a person before you take their picture. To avoid any problems just leave the camera at home because it’s going to be better for everyone.

Don’t Stare

A nude beach isn’t a place to state at people even though they may be nude.  It’s considers rude and poor behavior to go to a nude beach for the sole purpose of staring at people on the beach. When you go to these beaches, you need to treat everyone with respect if they are clothed or not. The beach is for the enjoyment of everyone so behave in the appropriate way when at the beach.

Don’t go if you’re Uncomfortable with Nudity

A nude beach by its name means that people are going to be nude on the beach. Some people will be clothed and some won’t. If you have any problems what so ever with nudity you shouldn’t go to the beach and you need to find another beach to visit. This means that while you’re there don’t be shocked to see people taking their clothes off. Stay away from the beach if you have any hang ups with nudity.

Sexual Activity

If you’re nude on a beach this doesn’t give you an excuse to engage in sexual activity. This is illegal in public and even on a nude beach. Don’t go to the beach for the sole purpose of any sexual activity because you can be arrested and fined. Police officers do patrol these beaches and probably even more so than regular beaches. Behave on the beach just like you would if you were clothed. If you have urges then go home or your hotel and don’t disturb the enjoyment of the beach for other people.


Be sure to put sunscreen all over your body if you plan to be nude. These areas don’t normally get exposed to the sun and you don’t want to get a burn in these areas. Be sure to put the sunscreen on for the duration of the time you plan to be there and apply several times in liberal quantities.

Beach Rules

Before you go to a nude beach be sure you know the rules. For example you might only be able to be nude between certain times of the day or some dates the beach might be closed to nudity entirely. Look for things such as campfire bans and other rules that may be in effect. It’s important to understand the rules of the beach before you got here and obey them for the duration of your stay. You can fines if you don’t obey the rules or an arrest can occur.


Leave your valuables except for your keys or a small amount of cash at the hotel or at home. It doesn’t make sense to bring valuables to the beach because they are easy to steal if you’re in the water swimming. Try to have someone watch your valuables by taking turns swimming if additional people are with you.

Treat it Like a Regular Beach

A nude beach gives people the ability to enjoy themselves on a a beach without the limits of clothing. If you go to one of these beaches be sure to treat people there with respect. The beach may be nude but it’s no different than a regular each. Behave in an appropriate way so everyone can enjoy the beach.

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